Product Solutions with ECP






We have six models of UtiliGuard® products.

With the full product line of Power Quality Systems that protect valuable electrical systems in your home or business, from the effects of these damaging surges and harmful harmonic distortion.

Our products increase the life of your expensive equipment, and reduce maintenance costs as much as 30-50% and reduce energy costs by 15% guaranteed and insured


TVSS protection Maintenance Free life time protection
Harmonic filtering Reduced energy consumption
Surge Protection A system that pays for itself
Enhanced over all power quality Reduced maintenance cost by as much as 30%- 50%
Extended life to all electrical equipment Savings year in and year out
Protection for all electrical equipment, AC's, computers, motors, electronics, etc Reduced down time, data loss & loss production
Lightning Protection Surge Suppression

Model 240 DELTA

Model 208 WYE

Model 480 WYE

Model SP 240

Model RUTL

UtiliGuard ECP (Efficiency Control Processor)


Comparative Specification Sheet

$100,000 CONNECTED
15% Energy Savings Guaranteed!
Life Time System Warranty!