Sales Rep Opportunities with ECP






Energy Conservation Products is a manufactures Representative company.  We are the sales arm for manufacturers and have contracts that allow us to sell products in all 50 states. 

Combined, the 3 owners of Energy Conservation Products have over 85 years experience in sales and marketing.  We have learned over the years that to get the best Sales Representatives we need to have the best compensation plan in the industry. 

Energy Conservation Products not only has the highest commission structure we have found in the industry, we also have opportunities for Sales Representatives with leadership talents to build a team of Sales Representatives and earn team overrides.

We understand the 80-20 rule.  20% of all Sales Representatives make 80% of the sales, have a passion for customer service, excel in relationship building and are self motivated. 

If you are a 20 percenter, Energy Conservation Products would like to talk with you to see if we are a match. 


Allen Rau

Office:  701-293-7758

Cell:      701-371-4539